Stephen Bjorck

Stephen Bjorck

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First Name * Stephen
Last Name * Bjorck
Username * biliousfrog
Country * United Kingdom
City Norwich
Nationality UK
Languages English


Current Position Head of Innovation
Current Company Immersive VR Ltd


Availability: Full time
Phone number 01603 620562


I left school with no formal qualifications & worked as a cabinet maker, kitchen fitter, press operator (an ironing press) & screen printer before buying my first computer at 23. I bought it to make music as I'd left my band when I moved to a different part of the UK & couldn't find any decent musicians but I ended up doing more graphics. I moved into the graphics department of the sign company I worked for & after a year I got a job with my old local newspaper.

I moved back to my home town & worked 3 x 12hr shifts creating artwork for the newspaper, the other two days were spend learning Lightwave. My friend had a job at a local games company & said that I'd easily get a job there if I learned the I did.

The games company folded before I could join but my friend got a job in arch-viz & eventually got me a job there too. The money was ok but the boss was a complete baffoon, the office was cramped & was part of his house so we'd regularly have to deal with his domestic issues. I put up with it for 4yrs before going self-employed. I'd already had several freelance jobs & decided that it was time for the leap.